Smart Home

Lighting and Appliances

OneControl smart lighting and appliances invoke a tapestry of sheer brilliance woven with mastering ambience, ease of use, a calm serenity and energy efficiency appealing to the comforts of your property. Allow us to accelerate the revolutionary curve of internet connectivity in your life encompassing all devices from not just computers and smartphones, but also to ensuring a cross-functionality of lights, fans, music systems, regulating air conditioning, door bells, cameras, curtain blinds, home theatres and thereby embracing a limitless scope of your imagination.

Our developmental approach guarantees a venue for smooth synchronized connectivity and communication for all devices enabling one to steer their controls through a Smart Phone upon command. Witness your dreams become a tangible reality with our Internet of Things (IOT), ushering forth a systematic sophistication for your abode.


OneControl caters to expert solutions facilitating a safer and more reliable system feasible for everyone. With a complete offering, from connected systems to safety executions of the same, we instil a sought-after peace of mind anytime, anywhere. Our safety system provides the desired integrity to run your operation at its full potential.

Our safety features ranging from Intruder detection, to Gas leakage detection, Smoke detection and other alarm sensors equipped with our superior technology and industry-specific engineering guard you and your loved ones as well as your property by swiftly sending text messages and call alerts to your Smart Phone.

Security & Surveillance

Welcome the building blocks for creating security and surveillance solutions.

Avail unmatched safety and reliability with OneControl for your homes and businesses globally. With countless field-proven devices installed worldwide, we foster a sense of relief with 24/7 monitoring of operational hours supported by our certified products from the comforts of your premises.

We take each technology that fit into security and seamlessly ensure a sound integration of one’s existing surveillance thereby enabling them to keep a vigilant eye on their homes and businesses in hours of absence.

Extract value and intelligence from the content captured off live streaming from cameras by gaining insights on managing workers better and finding assurance on the security of your loved ones including pets through a single tap of your Smart Phone from anywhere across the world.


OneControl Internet of Things (IOT) home automation solution paves the ideal route for a planned navigation and systematic monitoring of home appliances across the internet platform while simultaneously steering its control through a Smart Phone. Our Wireless home automation equipped with IOT, proves to be an ideal innovative solution for homes and commercial spaces facilitating an enhanced hardware and software appliance control conducted smoothly over the cloud.


Features & Benefits


With OneControl intelligent home automation systems and wireless modules, we provide retrofit installation without additional extra wire pulling


Schedule your preferred lights or appliances set with timers to manage power bills and find convenience with our user friendly interface

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant Alexa is operational with OneControl connected modules thereby enabling a smooth flow of appliance control with voice-recognition feature

IR Devices

Transform your Smart Phone into a Universal Remote, browse through your favourite TV channels or control air-conditioning temperature through our App


We facilitate additional support with our “Monitor – Alert – Attend” feature along with any supervisory services required to help resolve emergencies related to burglary, fire breakouts and in attending to residential alarm systems.

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring feature sheds light on the usage of home devices thereby helping to curb one’s electricity bills

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