Smart Farming


AGRICONTROL technology enhances the quantity and quality of agricultural products, pioneering the future of farming.

AGRICONTROL regulates motor pumps from any remote location revolutionizing the manner in which Power and Ground water are saved. The multi-functional system operates on timers adjustable with the desired start time and run time. AGRICONTROL replaces the Auto Starters and in turn helps conserve power for the government.


Features & Benefits

Motor On/Off

With an intuitive mobile app & IVRS (Integrated Voice Responsive System), farmers can now steer the motor controls from any location.

Timer Control

Allows to operate the motor at scheduled times. Users can avail a distinct feature of setting the start time and run time on the repeat option.

Alerts & Notifications

Our special alert feature equips the user with calls and notifications for power status & abnormal conditions like Phase down/voltage fluctuations, dry run etc


Along with SMS & IVRS, our users can find multiple functionalities in motor regulation and control through multi-faceted mobile application.


Apart from main user, there is a special feature equipped to add sub-user to control through IVRS. It gives additional comfort to share the control.

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