Smart Culture


Our success in designing pragmatic and feasible automated control systems for aquaculture are widely applicable and proven to enhance water management, reduce costs associated with manual monitoring and reduce significantly the chance of catastrophic system mishaps.

Our developers have custom-designed a GSM based motor control solution specifically to operate aerators in the field of aqua culture. AQUACONTROL is a break-through design in navigating aerators from remote locations which largely benefit the aqua farmers through their mobile phone with IVRS and Mobile Application. It generates mobile reports on the usage of aerators on primary power source as well as on generator covering the span of current 30 days. 

AquaControl is manufactured with 6 variants designed to suit the needs of every individual aqua farmer.

Features & Benefits

Motor On/Off

With an intuitive Android mobile app, farmers can now operate motor from any location. Sub-users can operate through SMS or IVRS


Updates farmers on the availability status of power, generator running mode, usage reports of main supply and generator in past 30 days


AQUACONTROL detects power fluctuations and turns off mains automatically acting as a shield from any damage. The same is notified to farmers through their mobile

LED Indicators

The module is created with a built-in status display system with LED indicators covering all its functionalities such as motor status and GSM signal status

Manual Switches

Momentary switches are provided for manual operations. Farmer can even use the manual switch and mobile parallelly


Records the data of energy consumed by main supply and generator supply at regular intervals along with generating detailed reports of the same

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