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RoboArt is industry’s super cloud-based IoT company helping clients track scalable IoT Applications handling Millions of connected devices.

Manufacturers of new-age IOT products and solutions

RoboArt simultaneously designs, develops and implements turn-key solutions in the fields of Information Technology and Embedded Systems.


We strive to drive modern digital experiences that are more efficient, helpful and satisfying.

Smart Home

OneControl Internet of Things (IOT) home automation solution paves the ideal route for a planned navigation and systematic monitoring of home appliances across the internet platform while simultaneously steering its control through a Smart Phone.

Smart Office

OneControl unilaterally connects all your appliances, leveraging the power of technology to create unparalleled comfort, encourage savings, safety and security elevating your daily constituent interaction smoothly with our unique retrofit devices, a remote teamed with a mobile application and a web portal.

Smart Farming

AGRICONTROL technology enhances the quantity and quality of agricultural products, pioneering the future of farming. AGRICONTROL regulates motor pumps from any remote location revolutionizing the manner in which Power and Ground water are saved.

Smart Culture

Our success in designing pragmatic and feasible automated control systems for aquaculture are widely applicable and proven to enhance water management, reduce costs associated with manual monitoring and reduce significantly the chance of catastrophic system mishaps.

Our Services

We make every moment count, one interaction at a time.

Design | develop | deliver

We focus on high-quality and economically viable systems with unmatched consistency and flexibility which makes our clients rely on us for their requirements in development and innovative breakthroughs. We are customer-centric and believe in making things simpler, let be it a design, customization or do it yourself. We at RoboArt Embedded Solutions has one stop infinite solutions from schematic design development to end product delivery.


  • Research & Developments

  • Circuit Design

  • PCB Design

  • Prototyping

  • Product Manufacturing

  • Firmware Development

Solutions We Offer

  • Embedded Systems

  • Wireless Communications

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Automation

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Application Development (APP/WEB)

  • Mobile Applications (Android & iOS)

Our expertise

We endeavour to encompass all aspects of real-time and embedded systems design. Whatever maybe the nature of your business, the size of your organisation, RoboArt offers sound professional skills and resources to empower your business to compete and succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

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“We are glad to have installed OneControl automation system in our company. The system is fully integrated and it is very easy to operate the appliances. Using OneControl has met our expectations. The prompt technical support and after sales support has been excellent. We are much satisfied with the product. its a total Retrofit product.”

Shankar Reddy – Manager Director, Speed Housing Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

“We feel happy to install OneControl. Complete control – anytime, anywhere. OneControl is working well and easy to install. It helps us to monitor smartly with international technology at Indian Price. We recommend this safe and convenient product to be installed and helps us to save energy.

Madan K – CEO, USM Business Systems.

“We liked the product pretty much, We installed OneControl at our cafe and digital lab. There is more we get to explore everyday with the product and its App. We look forward to install the product everywhere possible.

Vikram kumar – Senior Manager, T-Hub.

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